If you are missing one or a mouthful of teeth, it is important to fill in the gaps. Fortunately, we have several teeth replacement options available at Salinas Dental Group. Call our dental office today to book a consultation.

All About Dentures Near You

When natural teeth are lost or removed, dentures give patients their smiles back. Your dentist can custom design either full or partial dentures. The new prosthetic will match your existing teeth and fit your mouth. Even more, denture restores proper mouth function and visual appeal.

Full dentures are either immediate or conventional. Immediate dentures are just that, immediate. This type of complete denture is made in advance. Therefore, it is ready for placement as soon as your teeth are removed. But there are pros and cons to immediate dentures. You won’t be without teeth while your gums heal. However, your gums and jaw bone will shrink during the healing process. So, you will need a few adjustments along the way. You should also consider immediate dentures to be temporary. They are intended to fill your smile until permanent dentures can be made.

Conventional dentures are used after your gums have healed from a tooth extraction. After 1 to 2-month post removal, your dentist will place the new denture and ensure a proper fit.

Partial Dentures and Bridges

Partial dentures or a bridge is made of replacement teeth in which a metal connector holds the teeth in place. If you have teeth that are in the lower or upper jaw, you can use partial denture. A bridge is used when you are replacing teeth, provided the dentist can place crowns on both sides of the missing tooth or teeth, and then cemented permanently into place. Partials and bridges also serve a very important function as they prevent your natural teeth from repositioning due to the space of spaces caused by missing teeth.

Several dental appointments will be made once your dentist and you decide on the best dental appliance for you. Impressions and measurements will be made of your jaw, which will be used to create a model of the denture. You will be fitted multiple times to get an exact size, and then a final denture will be made, and any necessary adjustments will be made.