At Salinas Dental Group in Houston, we know how stressful dental extractions can be. That’s why we take all the necessary precautions to make sure your procedure and recovery are smooth and uncomplicated.

At Salinas Dental Group, most of the extractions we perform are of wisdom teeth. Significantly damaged and infected teeth also need to be removed, but these are far less common than wisdom teeth. There are two main types of extractions: simple and surgical. We’ll give you instructions to follow after the procedure to make sure it’s quick and comfortable.

Types of Extractions

When looking for tooth extraction near you, you need to know that it can be simple or surgical. The type of extraction you get will depend on the position of the tooth and the findings we see on imaging. Impacted teeth that are mostly under the gums or trapped behind other teeth need to be surgically extracted.

Alternatively, if a tooth is mostly above the gums, it can often be pulled and simply extracted. Surgical are more traumatic, and patients are likely to experience longer recovery times.

Dental Extraction Recovery

The three main issues we want to deal with after dental extraction procedure is bleeding, swelling, and discomfort. Bleeding can be controlled through compression. We’ll place a piece of gauze for you to bite on. Patients should also avoid using a straw or performing any other types of suction to keep the blood clot in place. We’ll let you know about the types of foods and drinks you can eat.

The swelling will start gradually and fade over a few days. To minimise swelling, you can place ice on the outside of the jaw after the procedure. Patients will be prescribed painkillers to keep them comfortable for the first few hours and days that follow the procedure.

Dental extractions aren’t as scary as they sound, and we have plenty of experience with these procedures. Share with us any questions or concerns you might have so we can answer them for you.