At Salinas Dental Group in Houston, we can use dental crowns to restore teeth and make them look normal. Crowns are also great at providing damaged teeth with additional strength to prevent them from breaking or cracking.

Dental crowns near you are some of the procedures we do the most here at Salinas Dental Group. We set up patients with crowns in Houston daily. Our dentists have more than enough experience to take care of your dental needs. If we think you need a crown to support one or more of your teeth, we’ll let you know.

Why You Need a Crown

Fortunately, crowns have many benefits, which is why dentists have a great appreciation for them. They can be used if you have a cavity that’s too big to be fixed using a filling. As mentioned earlier, a weak tooth can benefit from the support and protection of a crown.

Additionally, if you just had a root canal treatment, a crown can be placed to protect the affected tooth. Those with teeth that are severely stained or badly shaped can have crowns to cover up the disfigured teeth to preserve their bright smiles.

Getting a Dental Crown Procedure

Dental crowns can be made of different materials. Ceramics and porcelain are great because they have the same colour as natural teeth. Composite resin has the same benefit, but it’s less durable. Metal crowns are the most durable, but they don’t look great because they stand out.

When a patient agrees to get a crown, we’ll start by preparing the tooth and taking an accurate impression of it. The impression is sent to a lab so the crown can be made. You’ll have to come in for a second visit when the crown is ready, so we can place it. Until that happens, we can place a temporary crown.

During the procedure, we’ll make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. You’ll be able to drive yourself home and will have almost no restrictions.