Dr. Adriana Salinas

Dr. Adriana Salinas


Dr. Adriana Salinas DDS graduated dental school with an emphasis in Orthodontics and TMJ temporomandibular joint disorders. She attended dental school in Houston at the University of Texas Dental School.

Career Experience

Dr. Salinas has 25 years of experience working with patients in the Houston area. She is passionate about her work repairing and straightening teeth in her community and other communities around the world.

Dr. Salinas is a participating member of the International Association for Orthodontics. She also works with the Rondeau Seminars as an instructor. This organization provides continued learning courses for dentists who want to learn new skills or refresh theirs.

Founding Member of HHDA

She is also a founding member and President of the Houston Hispanic Dental Association. Founded in 1990, the HHDA has spent the past 30 years trying to eliminate the disparities in dental care for the Hispanic and other underserved communities.